2-D and 3-D Visualization

Photo-Morphs:  Watching a familiar intersection or street instantly transform into a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly boulevard is perhaps the most powerful way for clients to understand the impact of their planning decisions. Our visualizations are based on financial analysis about what is feasible in that particular area, using our suite of planning tools, Envision Tomorrow.

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Fly-through Videos:  Using the latest in 3D modeling software, Fregonese Associates shows clients how their plan might look once implemented. The 3D videos allow clients to visualize how their decisions will impact the look and feel of their community in the future.


Aerial Imaging:  We are a licensed unmanned aerial system (UAS) operator, and can use our small aerial vehicle to take images and video as part of a project. Our talented urban designers can create visualizations from these images, and show you how your site or community may look from a whole new perspective!