Financial Analysis

Fregonese Associates has conducted Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for clients around the nation. We use the ROI analysis to examine the relationship between existing land use regulations and the financial feasibility of redevelopment. Combined with prototypes, this approach allows us to recommend adjustments to the zoning code necessary to facilitate financially feasible new development, redevelopment, or infill.

We put powerful tools in planners’ hands to design and test land use and transportation decisions. Our Envision Tomorrow GIS-based software package can help cities and regions examine possibilities at a range of scales. A feature of Envision Tomorrow, Prototype Builder, is used to model buildings and test the physical and financial feasibility of development. The tool allows you to examine land use regulations in relation to the current development market and consider the impact of parking, height requirements, construction costs, rents and subsidies. You can use it to see how preferred forms of development, such as mixed-use retail with housing above, might become more financially feasible either within and existing code or with new code changes. These prototypical buildings are utilized to form the basis of land use and transportation scenarios throughout each plan.

Whether considering how to maximize growth around transit or identify development and redevelopment priorities, Envision Tomorrow provides planners with an easy-to-use, analytical decision making tool.

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