Our Guiding Principles

We strongly believe in engaging people in meaningful discussions about what they want for their future and in creating plans that can be implemented, taking into account market and political realities to provide action-oriented strategies and solutions. We collaborate with public and private sector clients from around the world that range from small neighborhoods to large metropolitan regions and state legislatures. We believe that these clients are experts about their communities. Our job is to complement that knowledge and expertise with new ideas, a fresh approach and our expansive work experience. 

Public Engagement
Great ideas and solid credentials alone will not secure a community’s support for a vision or plan. The public must have a chance to assess and understand their options, communicate their preferences, and then see those preferences reflected in the vision and plan. Public involvement should be structured so that critical decisions are brought to the public at key junctures. This open process will yield a constituency of people who support the vision, and understand how specific strategies fit into their implementation, creating a sense of community understanding and ownership. 

We believe that plans that are consistent with the vision and values of a region, city or neighborhood, are more likely to be adopted, invested in and ultimately implemented. We work hard to help define the commonalities necessary to have on-the-ground impact, using our combined work experience as well as new knowledge and information gained during current planning efforts. Equally important for the success of any plan, is the inclusion of financially feasible strategies and actions that can move a region’s or community’s vision forward in the short- and long-term future. Our goal is to create an implementation plan that will not only inspire residents on paper, but will actually achieve regional and community objectives through feasible near- and long-term strategic actions. 

Scenario Planning Using Envision Tomorrow
The primary benefit of planning in the digital age is that we can take analysis, the public’s insight, and our knowledge about a range of possible futures and develop any combination of plausible futures relatively quickly through the scenario planning process. Fregonese Associates is a leader in the innovative techniques of scenario planning and developed Envision Tomorrow, an open-source, unique set of urban and regional planning tools that can be used to model development feasibility on a site-by-site basis as well as create and evaluate multiple land use scenarios, test and refine transportation plans, produce small-area concept plans, and model complex regional issues.