Neil Heller |  Urban Planner

Neil Heller | Urban Planner

Neil has worked for many years as Urban Designer and Planner in the creation of various types of plans for different types of clients addressing housing, economic, open space, and transportation issues. This work has taken place in a range of urban contexts, each requiring their own approach.  Neil understands and applies regulations to a project for municipal compliance but also has the capabilities to work directly with community residents and agency stakeholders to craft options that meet the varied needs and values of each.


Being a small scale developer himself, when not in the office, he also participates in workshops and bootcamps as faculty with the Incremental Development Alliance -- a not-for-profit alliance of practitioners who train local small scale developers around the country to create a variety of incremental, infill development strategies in order to strengthen their own neighborhoods and help city champions get the kind of development their communities want.