About Fregonese Associates

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FREGONESE ASSOCIATES is a premier land use planning firm in Portland, Oregon, with an award-winning track record of helping make better cities and regions since 1997. Our dynamic, multi-disciplinary team provides innovative solutions and technical expertise that help shape the way communities and regions grow in concert with their vision of the future. We specialize in comprehensive planning, scenario planning, GIS analysis, project management, visualizations, implementation strategies, and innovative public engagement programs and materials. We have had tremendous success managing complex projects, engaging civic and community leaders, diverse groups of citizens and technical experts to develop feasible solutions to current issues and future growth. We strongly believe in engaging people in meaningful discussions about what they want for their future and in creating plans that can be implemented, taking into account market and political realities to provide action-oriented strategies and solutions.

Fregonese Associates employs creative planners, designers and GIS specialists who combine land use expertise with an understanding of transportation, urban design, economics, housing, natural systems and the environment, history and public policy – all within a mindset of sustainability.

We collaborate with public and private sector clients from across the country and around the world that range from small neighborhoods to large metropolitan regions and state legislatures. We believe that these clients are experts about their communities. Our job is to complement that knowledge and expertise with new ideas, a fresh approach and our expansive work experience. In every project, we create high-quality products that our clients use to guide their decision-making. We work at a range of scales, from large regional projects in Utah (Envision Utah), Chicago (Chicago Metropolis 2020) and Omaha, Nebraska (Heartland 2050), to transit oriented development plans in Ogden, Utah (UTA Ogden Transit Study) and Dallas, Texas (DallasTOD) and new town planning in Oregon (South Hillsboro Concept Plan).