Ashland Infill Strategy Report

4 story step back.jpg

Fregonese Associates prepared an infill strategy report to encourage new mixed-use residential and business development along a major transportation corridor in Ashland. The project was divided into two phases:

  1. Market Feasibility Analysis. Using Envision Tomorrow, Fregonese Associates conducted a return on investment (ROI) analysis to examine the market feasibility of different development prototypes. The development prototypes were further customized and tested to see the effects of zoning and land use changes on market feasibility and rent levels
  2. Development of Infill Strategy. The results of the ROI analysis were used to inform the Infill Strategy Report, which proposed the adoption of a new Transit Triangle Overlay Zone in the study area. The overlay zone contains standards that encourage the development of rental housing affordable to Ashland’s workforce, new neighborhood-serving businesses, and increased walkability within the Transit Triangle.

In addition to the technical analysis and report, Fregonese Associates held nine public meetings, an open house, and organized online outreach efforts. The proposed draft code amendments are currently in deliberation with City Council.