Envision Tomorrow consists of two primary tools: the Prototype Builder, an ROI (return on investment) model spreadsheet tool, and the Scenario Builder, an ArcGIS add-on tool. 

The Scenario Builder adds scenario-building functionality to ArcGIS. The first step is to design a library of buildings in the Prototype Builder. In the second step, the Scenario Builder can create development types and “paint the landscape” by integrating different development types across the study area to create unique land-use scenarios. The tool then can evaluate each scenario in real time through a set of user-defined benchmarks or indicators. The indicators measure scenario conditions such as impact on land use, housing, sustainability, transportation and economic realities. It also allows communities and regions to monitor progress over the short and long terms. 

Some of the indicators users can measure using Envision Tomorrow's Scenario Builder include:
•    Housing and Jobs: mix and density
•    Jobs-Housing Balance
•    Land Consumption: vacant, agricultural, infill
•    Impervious Surface
•    Open Space
•    Housing Affordability
•    Resource Usage: energy and water
•    Waste Production: water, solid, carbon
•    Fiscal Impact: local revenue and infrastructure costs
•    Water Consumption 

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