Web Development

Whether they are used for public engagement, analysis, or collaboration, web-based tools play an increasingly large role in urban planning and community development.  We specialize in creating custom tools for public engagement, data capture, and visualization.

Public Engagement:  Fregonese Associates’ web-based public engagement tools include applications that allow users to comment on maps, images, or other data.  We have also recently developed an online version of Envision Tomorrow, our suite of urban and regional planning tools.  With Envision Tomorrow Online (ETO), we can customize a web-based scenario platform that can be used in public workshops, internally, or as a public-facing scenario development tool.

Data Capture:  While a wealth of useful data exists online through the Census and other outlets, sometimes local survey data is the only solution.  We have experience with customizing a wide range of mobile applications for data gathering that allow users to perform on-the-ground inventories of infrastructure condition, building quality, and local businesses.

Visualization:  Fregonese Associates understands the importance of translating complex concepts into highly engaging visuals.  Our web development specialists can produce simple and easy-to-interpret web maps and data visualization tools that bring engaging data out of GIS and into web browsers using Google Maps and other free, publicly available software.

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